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AML144: #StopAsianHate Roundtable


On the 144th episode of The Africa Music Law Show, Ms. Uduak and a few of her friends gather for a #StopAsianHate roundtable where they take on the bias, discrimination, and continued rise in violence against Asians in America. Listen and share with your friends and family.



Colleen Quen is a third-generation Chinese American with over three decades of work in couture fashion and art locally and internationally. Her works are inspired by her global cultural influences from her Eastern Spiritual heritage, her American upbringing, and French couture education which led to her International Museum commissions, ballet costumes, and private clientele which are exhibited and worn all around the world.

Integrating her cultural experiences and life dedication to couture and art internally speaks to her with such pure clarity and intention. She is an optimistic poet, romantic sculptor expressing and creating each art piece with her heart and hands through the characteristics of the fabric and the human spirit. To be a creative vessel, educator, and communicator for our planet through her fashion design. Her life’s mission in her work is to always bring forth a universal message with honor to French Couture and the message of pure beauty, elegance, and style.


David Christopher Lee is a master at branding, social media, advertising & digital marketing for all types of industries such as Entertainment, Corporate, Sports, Fashion, Lifestyle & Influencers. With 300,000 followers, he is an influencer on Instagram.

He has worked in over 40 Countries and has developed an innovative international style of his own. He is also the Sole Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Destination Luxury Magazine.

As a Celebrity Photographer, Creative Director & Producer, David has worked with many celebrities & major brands such as Richard Branson, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Demi Moore, Quincy Jones, Usher, Snoop Dogg, Cadillac, Lexus, Qatar Airways, Aman Hotels, Longines Masters & Damiani Jewelry, just to name a few. He continues to shoot countless campaigns that are featured in New York City at Times Square.

David’s work has been published in major magazines such as GQ, Vogue, Instyle, People, Teen, Men’s Health, Departures & many more. He has a degree at UC Berkeley and sees beyond what is in the physical world, then translates reality into the digital era.


Tho Vinh Banh is a Special Counsel for Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement at Disability Rights California (DRC). In partnership with the Executive Director, she manages strategies for engagement to support DRC’s community goals and represents DRC in strategic partnerships with disability leaders and organizations, disability community members, civil rights leaders, and organizations.

Prior to this current position, Tho Vinh was a Supervising Attorney of the Multicultural Affairs (MCA) Outreach Unit. In this capacity, she oversaw the organization’s outreach efforts to ensure people with disabilities from underserved and language distinct communities know about their rights and receive equitable services and supports.

She’s also engaged in legal and systems to change advocacy through direct representation, legislation, and policy work so that individuals with disabilities, including individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD), receive the services and supports that they need.

As a refugee from Viet Nam and a person with a visual disability, Tho Vinh lives at and cares about the intersection of race, disability, gender, language, and culture, among others, and how it shapes and impacts people’s lives and opportunities.


Lakisha H. Leonard is a legal professional who has worked for the Federal government in the criminal law field for over two decades in diverse roles. Currently, she trains and advises litigation teams helping to prosecute federal crimes.

Lakisha’s work ethic and substantive knowledge on several diverse high-profile cases earned her “The Attorney General’s Distinguished Service Award” from Eric Holder in 2011.

Lakisha serves on the board of the diversity committee in her current role as a Legal Administrative Specialist and plays a key and active role in addressing all racial/ diversity issues within her organization. She is very passionate about women’s rights and equality for all.

Lakisha holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Law and African American History from San Jose State. In addition, she is currently enrolled at the University of Southern California’s Gould School in its Masters of Law program.

Lakisha is also an entrepreneur who just launched a fitness clothing line. Outside of work, Lakisha is a woman of faith (Christian), wife, a mother of two and in her spare time loves to read and travel.


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