AML 060: Derrick Ashong on Emmy Nomination, Amp.it, Working with Oprah, Music & Tech Trends, Africa & More!

[spp-player]Derrick N. Ashong (DNA), a Ghanaian-American political junkie, media/television personality, musician and music-tech entrepreneur, joins Ms, Uduak on the 60th episode of the Africa Music Law Show for a lively discussion on his career, his recent emmy nomination, industry trends in the music and tech space, Africa, new technology and much more! Listen and share.

“Amp.it CEO and ‘Take Back the Mic’ creator, Derrick N Ashong (DNA), is a Hip Hop MC and musician who made it from a house with no running water in Accra, Ghana to the Ivory Tower of Harvard.  He’s acted in a Spielberg film, hosted an Emmy-nominated TV show, worked for music legend, Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, consulting for companies like Nokia and Interscope Records, been a YouTube Sensation, won a Billboard contest for best Hip Hop song, rocked his own radio show for Oprah and has been called a Master Communicator.  He resides in Miami, Florida with his wife and two daughters.