Chris Ubosi Led Megalectrics Ltd. (Beat FM, Classic FM and Naija FM) Joins Apple Music as Featured Curator

Nigeria’s leading radio broadcasting company, Megalectrics Limited, under the leadership of Chris Ubosi, has joined Apple Music as a featured curator. What this means is that music fans can expect to hear and explore the best music Africa has to offer; through curated playlists showcasing works of its legendary and hottest musicians. “We are very …


AML 048: Music & Film Law Panel: Creative Commons in Nigeria, DSTV, Taylor Swift, Apple, Sony & More.

[spp-player]Entertainment Lawyers Xerona Duke and Ollachi “Enze” Holman appear on The Africa Music Law Show’s 48th episode with Ms. Uduak to round up the discussion on the legal issues in some of the latest and hottest topics in pop culture. This time they focus on the music and film industries in Nigeria and the U.S. It’s a fun, entertaining, and  informative panel and an episode you do not want to miss!  Listen and share.

Inside this Episode:

  • Is Nigeria Ready for the Creative Commons?
  • Is IROKO TV’s move to shut down its Africa website a good move?
  • What are some of actions of DSTV that has led to allegations of Human Rights Violation? Are anti-trust laws needed in the country to keep companies like DSTV in line?
  • How do artists avoid drug use to avoid ruining their lives & careers?
  • Fordham launches world’s first Fashion Law Degrees
  •  What is the real deal behind Taylor Swift and Apple Music?
  • Sony’s Equity Stake is Challenged in a Big Lawsuit & the Industry is Paying Close Attention.

Where to Find Enze

Twitter: Enzetweets | Enzeslaw

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Facebook: Xerona Duke