AML 046: Interview with Civil Rights Lawyer Benjamin Crump (Podcast)

Civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump, best known for his work representing Trayvon Martin,  the 17-year-old African American boy who was fatally shot by George Zimmerman a neighborhood watch dog, joins Ms. Uduak on the 46th episode of the Africa Music Law Show where he discusses the recent Charleston Church Shooting, representing the Trayvon Martin family, how the black community and America should handle racial tension and issues that affect us so deeply and deeply divide us, the need for more black lawyers, his personal background, becoming a lawyer, advice for young lawyers, his new role as NBA president and his vision for the organization, the NBA’s relationship with the entertainment industry and his project mydad.org, helping black men become better fathers.

Where to Find Benjamin Crump

Twitter: Attorney Crump

Website: www.mydad.org

Website: http://parkscrump.com