Latest Entertainment Industry News: Rihanna, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Robin Thicke, Kanye, Angelina Jolie etc.

We cover a lot of news focused on Africa and the African diaspora, but we also stay on the pulse of industry news in general. Accordingly, here are some of this week’s latest and hottest entertainment industry news: 1.Rihanna Named Harvard University’s 2017 Humanitarian of the Year 2. Beyonce pulls out of headlining Coachella Festival ‘on …

Video: Jamie Foxx Tells Amazing Stories About Kanye, Chris Brown, Madonna, Drake, Oprah and Diddy @iamjamiefoxx

Jamie Foxx is hilarious! AML Bay Area and Sac people, you are not left out. They take it back to the early KMEL days. Lol! Check on it. -Ms. Uduak “It seems like Jamie Foxx can do it all. Act, sing, make people laugh and after listening to his exclusive interview with Sway his list …

AML 020: Google Shuts Down Africa’s #1 Gossip Blog Linda Ikeji, Ini Edo Divorces, TB Joshua’s Potential Criminal and Civil Liability

Linda Ikeji is Africa’s biggest celebrity blogger averaging an estimated income of $900,000 per year. She was recently accused of infringing on the intellectual property rights of others and now, Google has shut down her site. What next? Also, one of Africa’s most popular pastors is in the hot seat. Pastor TB Joshua ‘s building collapsed leaving a 115 people injured, 84 of them dead. Is he criminally liable? We discuss these and more on The Africa Music show with Ms. Uduak, with a special guest appearance.

Inside this Episode:

1. Google Shuts Down, what next?

2. Ini Edo divorces, her ex-in laws threaten to expose her alleged cheating ways, does she have any legal recourse?

3. Tiwa Savage’s rumored divorce and domestic violence situation with T-Billz.

4. Amber Rose’s Divorce from Wiz Khalifa, what happens to child custody and visitation issues?

5. Chris Brown’s mom and girlfriend are worried about his gang affiliation with the ‘Bloods’ what does this mean for Chris and his career?

6. Is TB Joshua civilly and criminally liable for his collapsed building that killed 115 people?

7. Did Akon really perform in a balloon/bubble to avoid getting Ebola?

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AML Episode 013: Lecrae v. Katy Perry on Copyright Infringement

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AML Celebrity Crimes: Chris Brown Finally in that Orange Uniform, Jailed for 1 Month, Kanye West Jailed for 1 Day, Chief Keef Still Acting a Fool, Petey Pablo Released

Folks, let’s keep all things about celebrity crimes discussed on AML as a discussion. DO NOT  try this at home people. But, should you find yourselves ignoring my instructions and applicable law enforcement coming to get  you, do get the best criminal defense lawyer money can buy. Just thought y’all should know that. Okeedoke. A couple of …