AML 087: Music Business Roundtable: The Biggest Stories of 2016 with CEO Demola Ogundele, Grammy nominated artist Rocky Dawuni & UDR CEO Cos Canino!

The 87th episode of The Africa Music Law Show is a music business roundtable discussion with some of Africa’s music industry heavyweights  as they tackle some of the biggest stories of 2016 in diverse business categories. The panelists are Ademola Ogundele (, Cos Canino (UDR Entertainment), Rocky Dawuni (Grammy nominated singer and songwriter).

Ademola Ogundele is the founder and CEO of pioneered the popularity for African music online. It remains the premiere and most-visited online platform delivering new African contemporary music content , videos, news and music-related content daily by exposing remarkable artists and their material, from the fast-growing Nigerian music industry, African continent, and artists of African descent in the Diaspora.

Ogundele holds a degree in computer science from Kennesaw State University.

Cosmas Collins aka Cos Canino is a music promoter, event organizer and producer. He is also the founder of UnderDaRock Entertainment, UDR Media (Online Radio and TV UDR), Co-founder and executive producer of the NEA Awards, and an organizing member of the Annual Nigerian Independence Day Parade Weekend in New York City.

Rocky Dawuni is a Grammy nominated Los Angeles, USA, based Ghanaian singer and songwriter. He is also a music entrepreneur in the live entertainment space.


  • Grammys
  • Digital music content
  • Branding and crisis management
  • Endorsement deals
  • Artist health
  • Event promotion
  • Music publishing

Where to Find Ademola Ogundele, Cos Canino & Rocky Dawuni

Ademola Ogundele on Twitter.

@CosCanino on Twitter.

@RockyDawuni on Twitter.

Where to Find Ms.Uduak

Twitter: @uduaklaw

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Hosted by California based Fashion & Entertainment Lawyer Uduak Oduok (Ms. Uduak), The Africa Music Law show is a show empowering the African artist through brilliant music business and entertainment law commentary and analysis, industry news, and exclusive interviews. The show has been downloaded over 150,000 times and made iTunes top 4 ‘New & Noteworthy.’ Subscribers include Africa & hollywood’s power executives, investors, lawyers, artists and other industry stakeholders. The blog itself has been cited in a U.S. top-ranked law school’s ‘International Law Review’ journal. Country demographic: Nigeria (26%), USA (23%), UK (15%), UAE (7%), and Other (29%). 

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