AML 059: What is Your Leadership Personality?

Did you know that as a creative or executive, understanding your personality is critical to your success in the industry? When you understand your personality, you can improve relationships and most importantly get the results you want in the business of entertainment.

For example, if you are an artist who understands your personality, you can select the artist manager, lawyer and/or accountant who you are most compatible with. This in turn ensures a harmonious relationship where all are focused on the same goal. The same holds if you are the executive looking to work with the artist or other creatives. You avoid unnecessary clashes and can enjoy helping your artist make beautiful art and profit from his/her creativity. In this 59th episode of The Africa Music Law show, Ms. Uduak shares, briefly, insights on personality compatibility as a tool for ensuring success in the music/entertainment business.


Susan Reuppel , www.personalitydynamics.com

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