AML 058: Was Linda Ikeji Reckless in Insinuating Five Star Music Artist Skiibii May Have Faked his Own Death?

Last Friday, Nigeria’s #1 leading celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji shared exclusive news on her blog that an emerging artist Skiibii, signed with popular artist Kcee’s record label Five Star Music, was dead. The artist had released new music a few days prior to and had begun promoting his music before his alleged untimely death.Hours after sharing the story, Ikeji retracted her story. She explained that Kcee, the record label owner, had advised her that the artist did in fact collapse but was now revived.  She, however, questioned the credibility of the label and  insinuated that the news of the death may have been a publicity stunt to gain media attention.

She also pointed to the fact that the emerging artist was now trending across Nigeria post his alleged “death demise.” Her implicit and explicit suspicion and statement that there may have been a publicity stunt made the news even more viral and attracted vicious attacks from media, fans, the public at large and industry insiders against the artist and label.

Some of you AML listeners and readers have solicited my input on the issue. Listen to AML episode #058 where I share my thoughts by addressing the following issues:

1. Was Linda Ikeji reckless in publishing the story of Skiibii’s death?

2. Was Linda Ikeji reckless in insinuating Skiibii may have faked his own death?

3. What is the legal liability of Five Star Music label and Skiibii, if in fact Skiibii did fake his own death?

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