AML026: ASCAP’S Mir Harris on #JCole, Lil’Wayne, #EricGarner, the Grammys & Music Business!

[spp-player]Mir Harris, a former A&R executive for Ne-Yo’s Compound Entertainment Record Label who is now Associate Director for ASCAP’s Urban/Rhythm & Soul, joins Ms. Uduak on the twenty-sixth (26) episode of The Africa Music Law Show.

In this episode, Ms. Harris shares her commentary on pop culture and politics from the Eric Garner “chokehold” case to J.Cole’s assertion in his new music Fire Squad that “White people have snatched (black) the sound.” She also delves into the music business discussing Lil’Wayne’s current dispute with his record label Cash Money Records owned by Birdman, women in music, the upcoming Grammys and her work at ASCAP.

She also shares how international artists (African artists) can register with a performing rights organization like ASCAP in the USA.

It’s a must listen episode!

Inside this Episode:

  • Mir’s view on J.Cole’s Fire Squd blasting Eminem, Iggy, Justin Timberlake.
  • Mir’s view on Lil Wayne and the Cash Money Records Label dispute.
  • Mir’s commentary on #EricGarner and protesting the Ferguson ‘no indictment’ decision.
  • Her personal background.
  • Breaking into the music industry.
  • Her work as A&R for Ne-Yo’s Compound Entertainment.
  • Mir’s work on ASCAP’s Women Behind the Music Series.
  • Her role as an Executive for ASCAP’s Rhythm & Soul.
  • How African artists can register with ASCAP from the continent.

Mir’s Book Recommendations

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