AML 076: ‘One Dance’ by Drake ft. Wizkid & Kyla | Royalty Payments for Featured Artists

There were two simultaneous occurrences involving Nigerian recording artist, songwriter and performer Wizkid these past few weeks. The first was a social issue with far reaching implications, one that I addressed on AML and happen to be very passionate about. See AML’s ‘About Us’ page. The second occurrence is Wizkid’s collaboration with Canadian artist Drake in the song ‘One Dance’ which also features UK artist Kyla Reid.

In this 76th podcast episode of ‘The Africa Music Law Show,’ I address this second occurrence and answer four questions: 1) what does it mean to be a featured artist?; 2) why would an artist from a different label agree to be a featured artist?; 3) how is a featured artist compensated?; and 4) finally what is the significance of  Wizkid’s collaboration for Wizkid, artists in general and the Nigerian music business.

AML artists, grab your pens and papers. We are have having school today.

-Ms. Uduak

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