AML 056: Show Dem Camp on How to Build a Successful Artist Brand in Nigeria

Talented rap duo/band Show Dem Camp (SDC) joins Ms. Uduak on the 56th Episode of The Africa Music Law Show to discuss how to build a successful artist brand in Nigeria. SDC is made up of Ghost and Tec and the two have a strong following in  Nigeria,  the United States and the United Kingdom.

 The podcast episode is entertaining,  informative and a must listen!  Listen and share.

Inside this Episode:

  • Breaking into the music industry
  • Choosing the right producer to work with
  • Staying consistent in making music
  • How to pick the right band mates
  • Making your band partnership relationship work
  • Selecting the right music team for your career
  • Handling the legal aspect of your music business
  • How to choose the right manager for your band
  • How to Build Your Fan Base
  • Music distribution
  • Building an Industry

Where to Find Show Dem Camp

Twitter: Show Dem Camp