AML 018: Rapper SINZU Talks Music, Career & Daughter on The Africa Music Law Show with Ms. Uduak

Rapper Sinzu stops by The Africa Music Law Show with Ms. Uduak to talk about his music, his career, how he broke into the music industry, his highs and lows in the industry, his daughter, social media “beef” and his new projects.

In This Episode, You Will Learn About:

    • Sinzu’s personal background and involvement in gangs in L.A.
    • How he broke into the music industry
    • What he did to gain recognition in the streets with his music and sell his music.
    • Why he moved to Nigeria.
    • His business relationship with Obi Asika and Storm Records
    • What happened and why he split with Storm.
    • Social media “beef,”  his thoughts on social media.
    • Advice to fellow artists.
    • New music projects.

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