AML 044: Interview with Teeklef Unogu

[spp-player]R &B  Singer and songwriter Teeklef Unogu joins Ms. Uduak on the 44th episode of The Africa Music Law show to share his journey on his way towards becoming a successful musician. Teeklef has written songs for Train and One Direction, among others. He is an AML artist to watch. Listen, share and take notes.

Where to Find Teeklef

Twitter: @Teeklef


Music: Teeklef & Afrotunes ‘It Could Be You’

I have just been waiting for Nigerian R &B artist Teeklef to really hit that music spot for me. There was just something missing in his sound even though he was clearly talented. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it but I think I finally figured out what that “something” was. It was CONFIDENCE! …