AML 029: Rapper Chosan on Kanye West Copyright Dispute, Divorce & New Music!

[spp-player]New York based rapper Chosan, of Sierra Leone heritage, joins Ms. Uduak on the Africa Music Law show to close out 2014.

Chosan talks about his recent breakup/divorce, his music, the music business and his  dispute with Kanye West over West’s alleged infringement of his copyrights.

In 2005, Chosan consulted with Kanye West on blood diamonds in Sierra Leone for West’s song ‘Diamonds are Forever.’ Chosen shared his knowledge and also crafted and performed the introduction in the song’s music video. Unfortunately, he never received credit, neither was he compensated.Three years later, after Chosan raised a lot of noise in the media, West reached and worked out a confidential settlement with Chosan.

Quote: “You could be in a dysfunctional relationship and overstay being there.” – Chosan