AML 114: Is Tekno’s ‘Jogodo’ a Copyright Infringement of Danfo Drivers’ ‘Kpolongo’?

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We’ve seen this script before. A recording artist releases music. It’s very successful and before we know it, another recording artist steps forward and says, “hey, you stole my music. You used my work without compensation and my consent.” What’s interesting, however, is how blatant these alleged infringements, if true, are getting these days, especially by popular recording artists. On the 114th episode of The Africa Music Law Show, Ms. Uduak, host, and producer, discusses the case of Tekno’s alleged theft of a classic hit song ‘Kpolongo’ by Danfo Drivers. Tekno’s new single ‘Jogodo’ replicates the melody of ‘Kpolongo’ and his choruses contain a few lines from the veteran singers. Listen, get enlightened and share.


  • Solicitation of input on new podcast publishing schedule.
  • Legal commentary and analysis on Kpolongo v. Jogodo infringement issue.
  • Recommendations on what artists who are similarly situated should do.

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Uduak Oduok (Ms. Uduak), the founder of Africa Music Law, is a Partner and Co-Founder of Ebitu Law Group, P.C. where she handles her firm’s intellectual property law, media, business, fashion, and entertainment law practice areas. For over fifteen years, as an attorney, she has litigated a wide variety of cases in California courts. She has also handled a variety of entertainment deals for clients in the USA, Africa and Asia including network television and licensing deals. Her work and contributions to the creative industry have been recognized by numerous organizations including the National Bar Association and featured in prestigious legal publications in the USA: ABA Journal and The California Lawyer Magazine. She can be reached via email ( or on twitter: @uduaklaw. 

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