Terry G– DJs Association of Nigeria Reject “Mad” Behavior; Places Nationwide “Embargo” on Artist’s Music

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Deejays Association of Nigeria (DJAN), in response to Terry G’s assault and battery on one of their member DJs, has placed a nationwide ban on any DJ playing the recording artist’s music. The association released a statement which you can read below. Terry G in turn has apologized for his actions. Let’s see what happens.

-Ms. Uduak

“ On Sunday the 5th of June 2016 at the Muson Center, Lagos State, Nigeria, a music/comedy show held and Terry G was not among the artiste billed to perform, he begged the organizers until he was told to perform for seven minutes, but he got on stage already tipsy and after about 18 minutes on stage insulting everyone, the organizers asked the DJ to play a different song by another artist, no sooner had the song began to play that Terry G descended on the DJ who was the head DJ of Jatt Incorporated”.

“Beyond assault, The DJ sustained various degree of injury on his face, right in front of the Legendary Dj Jimmy Jatt. This type of violence and physical abuse is unacceptable.

“However, legal actions are on the way but after wide consultations and deliberations, the Deejays Association of Nigeria hereby place an ‘EMBARGO’ on all songs of Terry G, audio and video (including songs he featured in) indefinitely in all events, lounges, bar, radio and every other spot where it is the duty of a DJ to play music Nationwide”, the statement read.


It’s so painful how things play out this days hearing from just one side. Am not here to paint myself good or perfect. Am only human and have feelings. Looking back to how this journey of my career started, it’s been one issue or the other. The negative ones fly like wild fire while the positive ones is not as wild as the negative stories but all the same God has been faithful. I Terry G will be the last person to wanna ruin a colleagues event intentionally or want to hurt anybody. Good or bad i have contributed Negatively or Postively to the Nigerian music industry. My sincere apology to Nigerians number one DJ @djjimmyjatt for you have been a good leader in the Nigerian entertainment Industry ,I also extend my apology to Dj Phreez for my actions it was due to miscommunication and my sincere Apology to the DJS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA without you guys, my music will be a total #Nonesense


#CodedNEWSng: #TerryG SLAPS #JIMMYJATT’s Boy last Night as his Song was turned off due to his ‘Misbehaviour’ on Stag, and efforts to.gwt him off stage proved abortive. Reports had it that the Artiste was ‘very high’ and was cursing the Audience after so much effort to get attention, but to no avail; Using words like “We go ALL go HellFire”, “Ogun go fire una”, “Mother F*cker”,etc, amidst falling on stage several times, as he tried to give an energetic performance. The DJ who was said to have been acting under instruction from the show organisers, put off Terryg’s Music and Terry was shout “Dj Play song”, after a while Started playing #Olamide’s “Take It Outside”. And TerryG was so embarrassed and danced, not knowing how to leave the stage. With the Crowd shouting “Go Away”, “Dey Go”, “Wooo”. Terrythen went on angrily to Dj JimmyJatt’s stand and SLAPPED the #DJ who was playing… #CodedNEWSng.

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