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Texas Based Franco Records to SUE Sierra Leone’s Alimamy Bangura aka Abizzy for Breach of Contract @Francorecordz


Interesting press release I received below about a breach of an alleged record label agreement, this time stateside. Just one quick comment. Artists, anything you do on social media can be used against you in a court of law, especially here in the USA. So, if it involves label disputes, contract related issues etc., thread carefully. Finally, our African community here in the USA are just as terrible if not worse in resolving their issues through the legal justice system. So, it is pretty bold for this label to say we are willing to go all the way if you continue to behave this way Abizzy. There are two sides to a story. Let’s see how this plays out. Read below.


Franco Records to nail Abizzy for contract Violation

Sierra Leone born Alimamy Bangura aka Abizzy might face legal action for violating contract agreements with his record Label, Franco Records.

The Houston, Texas based record label issued out a press release following publications on by the artiste on his social media accounts where he released a new single ‘Boom boom’ alongside a flyer that reads “Music sensation Abizzy birthday celebration, Official video release party: ‘Bongo’.

The released issued out by the CEO of the label, Franco Bonghan has it that Abizzy who was doing those things without the consent of the label has no right to do so.

“Abizzy has no right to release audio, video material, collaborations, and public appearances with regards to furthering of his music career without management approval. By releasing the song titled “BOOM BOOM” on, and organizing appearance at  Taste Ultra Lounge in Washington DC  on Saturday November 9, 2013 with a flyer saying: Official ‘Bongo Video’ release without management approval is a clear violation of his contract terms with Franco Records”

Abizzy who signed for Franco Records on March 25, 2013 has his contract running till 2017 and the label insists the artistes must follow their blue print.

Mr. Bonghan also called on music executives to desist from doing business with Abizzy.

“The management of Franco Records hereby makes the following public declaration with regards to the fostering of artist music career: The artist had been communicated via email on November 4, 2013 with the subject of the email: Addressing Legal Concerns with Regards to Abizzy’s Contract with Franco Records.

Anyone engaging with any business dealings with Abizzy is doing that at their own risk as Franco Records has the legal capabilities to sue them in the court of law within any territory, as Abizzy is a signed artist with Franco Records and currently under an active management contract which will expire in 2017,” the release also stated.

Abizzy is one of Franco Record’s artistes who have come to lime light since signing for the label early this year.

Recently with the label, he released the single ‘Caju’ featuring Nigeria born singer Stormrex and latter ‘Bongo’, which has its video only on YouTube.

Abizzy’s case is one out of hundreds of overzealous young artistes who fail to remember the terms on the contract papers they signed.

According to the label, they are all out to nail Abizzy for the contract violation as a way to safeguard the interest of all third parties in the entertainment industry and beyond.

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