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The Notjustok Rap List Controversy Continues: “Rap Lists Should Mirror the Hip Hop Culture, Bold, Assertive and Knowledgeable.”


This is a nicely written article worth reading.

Good writer although I disagree with his characterization of Sinzu.


“The current wave of unnecessary responses, declarations and diss records hasn’t ceased since Yung 6ix proclaimed himself the best rapper in Nigeria. Since his humorous declaration rappers have thrown shots at the South-South rapper who has an obsession with titles. While this battle rages on among rappers who show promoters are not bugging for performances, the music site Not Just OK decided to thrown their hat in the ring and come up with a list to sort of define the rap era we are in. Unfortunately their attempt to curate this rap period has backfired. It is not because the list is controversial. All lists are controversial because they are opinionated no matter how objective they try to be.

Not Just OK’s list of ‘The 10 Most Gifted Rappers In Nigeria’ from the summer of 2012 (first of all we don’t have summer in Nigeria) to the summer of 2013 indicates or reveals a few flaws in the understanding rap music genre and the culture of Hip Hop in Nigeria. Firstly the title is as odd. When I saw the word ‘gifted’ I was near expecting Wale to be on the list. OK to be serious. What does it mean to be gifted? The online dictionary defines it as being ‘endowed with great natural ability, intelligence, or talent.’ With that definition, the NJO is list shaky to say the least. There is no professional rapper (in the strict sense of the word) who doesn’t possess a natural ability or talent. Get this clear, every rapper is gifted that is why he or she is rhyming- because of the gift they have. So when you say ‘the 10 most gifted rappers’ you are basically saying the 10 rappers who can rap. That’s like saying the top ten porn stars who can bang or the top ten women with boobs. Last time I checked every woman has boobs. You can’t judge or rate talent based on the talent they have. You can only rate based on what they have achieved with their talent. The mere possession of talent doesn’t mean anything. Everyone has talent and that is what this Not Just OK list is saying. Based on the structure of their list, rappers like Eva should be there. Isn’t she gifted? Ikechukwu? Phenom? Jesse Jagz? Cyrus Tha Virus? M- Trill? Roof Top MCs? Kahli Abdu? Loose Kaynon? Pherowshuz? Lynxxx? You see the error here now don’t you? Aren’t these rappers gifted? Gifted is too broad a term to be nailed down.

Moving on. Judging from the rappers on their list, I have a strong feeling they meant to say the Top 10 Hottest Rappers within 2012-2013. If they had done so they would have saved themselves a lot of insults hateful comments online and embarrassment. But even with that the sh*t would have still hit the fan with Sinzu making the list and Ill Bliss being conspicuously absent. Within the list’s year in review Sinzu has just one major release which is ‘Loko’ featuring Timaya. Even my grandmother bank home in Ibadan knows that single failed to blow. Since then he has released a bunch of C level songs and freestyles that nobody bothered checking for. Yes he gave us ‘E Don Dey Madt’ Remix which was good but we had waited for that single for so long that when it dropped its impact was muffled. Now putting Sinzu over a rapper that practically introduced Phyno to the mainstream beats me. Ill Bliss has always been highly underrated for what reason I don’t know. This list should have at least corrected this error but…you know the rest. Ill Bliss dropped one of the hottest rap albums last year which I rate over Vector’s. His EP was bananas too. So based on hotness, the list falls short. If Sinzu is based on God-knows-what-merit then I think Terry Tha Rapman should be on that list as well. Apart from dropping a mixtape last year, he has dropped dope rap singles under the BANS collective to justify a spot in the ‘gifted’ list. Abi he isn’t ‘gifted’ also? What can fa? . . .”

Full story on Ayomide Tayo’s Popoff Central.

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