Tiwa Savage, Identity Crisis or PR Done Right? #MusicBranding

“Identity Crisis or PR Done Right?” is my new feature that provides a very short profile on controversial personalities in Nigeria and Ghana’s music industries and then ask a simple question: identity crisis or PR done right? You all know I have my opinion about everything. But on this one, I really want to hear your thoughts on personal/music branding. So, I am all ears.

First up is Tiwa Savage!

Brief  profile
-Talented artist
– Numerous accolades in the music industry
-New entrant into Nigeria’s music industry
-Often accused of mimicking primarily Beyonce and Rihanna
-Sex sells, nevertheless, often accused of dressing too provocatively for the Nigerian market
-Career highlights so far: Kele kele love, Love me x3
-Always in the news for her controversial dressing. Nevertheless, hasn’t “covered up.”
-Her recent music release ‘Without my Heart’  music banner, seen in this post, has sent the internet and blogs ablaze.

[audio:|titles=Tiwa Savage Without My HeartFt. Don-Jazzy]



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  1. Identity crisis, but in a country that doesn’t quite understand publicity it gets branded good PR because hey people are talking right?…I mean just take a look at the picture above, it is straight out of Beyonce’s best thing I never had video…She is consistent with one thing though, pushing the sexy…If she wants to do the sexy thing that is ok too, but stop jumping from imitating one famous person after another, but yet create your own sexy (if you catch my drift).

    If you look at the videos above you can almost 100% say her team is going after the just get people talking angle because they are ripoffs with less than a lil spin…I blink I see “Rude boy -Rihanna” blink again I see “Loose my breath – Destiny’s Child” It might be working now but mostly because we don’t have any other female artists in that space, but if some other girl with similar talent but an original identity comes up, it wont be long before people start saying move along Tiwa…and I am a Tiwa fan too.

    PS: I think I know your thoughts on this, but I’ll like to hear your reasoning 🙂

    1. Africamusiclaw says:

      @IamEbixx — Hmmm . . . I am not sure I want to give away my thoughts just yet. I will give it more time for the benefit of those who are reading this, seeing the hits on the backend on this post has been through the roof. But, I will share my thoughts on this, I promise. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment.


  2. akinyemi says:

    she epitomises exploitation vis sexuality, talent is overshadowed by this her so called branding.
    naija will react positively sha, western influences sha, na wao

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