Can Tiwa Savage Successfully Juggle Pregnancy and her Music Career?

Tiwa Savage Pregnant
2015 opened with beautiful news from Tiwa Savage and her music manager husband T-Billz that they where expecting a baby. It is the couple’s first child together. Now, for loyal “superfans” of AML, you know we called this mid last year in 2014 in podcast episode number 5. In addition, in that podcast episode,  the main topic was on Tiwa Savage’s video ‘Wanted’ and the need for her to think about the fact that she could and most likely would start a family soon, strategize, and avoid diluting her powerful brand; which we felt her ‘Wanted’ video was doing.

In any event, Tiwa is now pregnant and this is great news, but of course. However, we haven’t enjoyed the luxury of seeing any female music  star, in Nigeria’s contemporary music industry, rise to the top, stay there, get pregnant, have her baby, come back and still stay at the top of her game. We haven’t even had a woman reach that pinnacle to begin with.

In the USA, it happens all the time. From Beyonce to Alicia Keys, Ciara to Kelly Rowland, we can cite numerous stars where having a baby is seriously no big deal, it is great news and they can move on and show up “Yonce’ing” on the world with mega moves and hits.  This is a first for Nigeria. To me, it is exciting but how will Nigeria’s entertainment industry handle it? Are we able to still continue to hire Tiwa for live performances? Have her as brand ambassador and even expand into home care products, much like Kate Henshaw does or will this be the end of Tiwa Savage’s mega career as we know it? I am hoping it is the former.

I am curious to observe and watch what happens. Career goals do change when babies come into the picture. In addition, depending on each woman and/or their finances, some may prefer or can afford to stay home for the utmost important job of raising their babies for the first few years; while others just do better raising their babies and doing the work juggle.  I do note Nigerian women in Nigeria are so lucky because unlike their counterparts in the USA or the UK, they can summon an army of help to allow them the luxury of being able to still run successful businesses or pursue their professional careers, barring any other hindrances.

By the way look who is on the cover of Blanck Digital Magazine?


AML 005: From ‘Love Me x3′ to “Sex Me x3″ Because I’m ‘Wanted,’ Is Tiwa Savage Gambling Away Her Career?

Start at the 35min Mark.

Also watch the video below starting at the 26:00min mark where Tiwa is discussed as one of the top 10 artists in 2014; and what she needs to do to stay on top in 2015.

Tiwa Savage

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  1. Winston Balagare says:

    Not only is her brand tarnished by releasing videos like "Wanted", but it would appear that Don Jazzy and Co. have already begun preparing for life after Tiwa Savage. When they first signed Di'ja, I said to myself, "This new girl is fine, ohhh. Tiwa won't like this one bit." Now look how almost a year later, we've heard Di'ja on "Dorobucci", "Yaro 1 &2", "Adaobi", and now "Awwww". In the meanwhile, Tiwa had a forgettable verse on "Dorobucci" and didn't even get off her backside for the video. Now she has to take time off for a baby?

    The reality is that this current Nigerian music industry is moving so fast. Whomever is hot on the blogs this month is not even guaranteed a tweet next month, unless they really stick to it and put in a lot of hard work. Look at Yemi Alade. She had somewhat-big songs after "Johnny", but she still isn't seen as comparable to Tiwa Savage. That top spot is to be coveted, if you're lucky to have it

    Unfortunately for Tiwa, she's not as young as some of us may think she is. So she had to make a decision–career or family? I think she made the right one for her and her husband. I just hope that after the baby arrives and ages a bit, she gets focused and can craft at least one more good album to solidify her legacy as one of the greatest contemporary African entertainers we've seen thus far.

  2. Winston Balagare says:

    Also, a trend I'd like to see bucked by Tiwa and the rest of the Mavins is the need to pack their album releases with 20+ tracks. In my opinion, the standout tracks make the sub-par tracks so much more glaringly obvious. Ten tracks should be the limit for Tiwa's next album; ten great tracks, total. Not ten great tracks AND 10 throw-away filler tracks.

    As consumers, we've already become accustomed to paying $1 per track, so why not just give us 10 great tracks for $10, instead of 20+ tracks for $10?

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