Celebrities Behaving Badly

Top 10 Nigerian Celebrities Who Behaved VERY Badly in 2013


It’s the end of the year and a time to look back at the top stories that made 2013 rather interesting on AfricaMusiclaw.com. We begin by kicking off with the ‘Top 10  Celebrities who Behaved VERY Badly in 2013.’ All are Nigerian celebs with the exception of one Pseudo-Nigerian (Yvonne Nelson, a Ghanaian Nollywood-Gollywood self proclaimed adopted Nigerian). We also had a few pseudo celebs in the mix. They threw fits, craved way too much attention, some completely wigged out with  awful tantrums on twitter. Their stories got a lot of hits on africamusiclaw.com as well as went viral on social media sites and across the web, and in some instances across Nigeria. Here we go with our top 10.

1.  This has got to be the worst and most awful, terrible, terrible behavior by a Nigerian celebrity this 2013. EME’s Skales completely lost it when he allegedly revealed nude photos of an ex-girlfriend on Instagram.

Read the details : Celebrities Behaving Badly | EME’s Skales Allegedly Reveals Nude Photos of Ex-Girlfriend on Instagram After Bitter Split

2. Who could forget how  we opened 2013? Don Jazzy was accused of mafia style assault, theft and attempted murder against a club patron. Don Jazzy ultimately kissed and made up with the guy.

Don Jazzy Accused of Attempted Murder, Stealing, Unlawful Destruction of Property and Assault 4

Read the details: Celebrities Behaving Badly: Don Jazzy Accused of MAFIA Style Attempted Murder, Assault & Property Theft

3. Onyeka Nwelue is not a celebrity, but is a film industry insider, and a writer who appears to have now ventured into music event production. He was assisting a friend, it appears, in producing a music event of which Ice Prince was to  perform. He alleged Ice Prince did not hold his end of the bargain and what he did in response to these allegations was simply distasteful, and terrible.

Onyeka Nwelue Calls for Lynching of Ice Prince--

Read the details: Very DANGEROUS Behavior: Nollywood’s Onyeka Nwelue Calls for “LYNCH(ING)” of ICE PRINCE Over Paris Concert Late Show

4.If she were not a Celebrity Publicist, we would have perhaps omitted her from this list. But she is and her actions were simply off the meters. Joy Bewaji completely wigged out on her client on twitter. Beyond the fact that the conduct was highly inappropriate, it was embarrassing to watch.

Joy Bewaji Goes Beserk on Ex-Client on Twitter

Read the details: Celebrities Behaving Badly: Publicist to the Stars Joy Bewaji Goes Completely Beserk & Juvenile Against Ex-Client Makosi Musambasi on Twitter –

5. Foolishness is the best way to describe this very stupid fight displayed on Twitter over someone else’s view or lack of inclusion of these two rappers on the NOTJUSTOK.com Top 10 Best Rappers in Nigeria. These two who are fathers went at it like little boys, and even dragged their children and baby mamas into the mix. Who does that? Worse, they are  supposed experienced people who have lived hard knock lives, only I guess not on the emotional front?


Read the details: Celebrities Behaving Badly: Notjustok.com’s Controversial ’10 Most Gifted Rappers’ List Incites GODWON v Sinzu Twitter Fight

6. Yvonne Nelson finally took a chill pill from all that “look at me, look at me” attention seeking activities  in 2013 but not before this bad behavior.

Yvonne Nelson Shares Death Threats, Suffers Backlash Picture

Read the details: Celebrities Behaving Badly: Overexposed Yvonne Nelson Shares Alleged Death Threat on Twitter, Suffers Back Lash for Wanting too Much Attention.

7. Designer Emmy Collins is a controversial figure and in the past, has in my view,  taken personal swipes at  fellow industry persons i.e. Toolz and Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, are examples. Nevertheless, it was still plain ugly when digital media head 360Nobs Noble Igwe went below the belt and attacked Collins as a “failed designer seeking relevance” on twitter, over a “fashion police” article Collins authored.

Noble Igwe v Emmy Collins

Read the details: Celebrities Behaving Badly: 360.com’s Noble Igwe v “Failed Designer” Emmy Collins Seeking “Relevance”?

8. Entrepreneurs work really hard. They put their blood and sweat into birthing and growing their babies (their businesses). So, it is understandable how upset they can and do get when others try to steal their trademark, customers, trade secrets, etc. However, can we say “trippin'”  or “very ugly” when an entrepreneur flips out and even puts passport pictures of his named enemy, a former client, on twitter? Errr .. . yes!

Ugo D Igoezu Bitter War with Eva on Twitter 3

Read the details:  Celebrities Behaving Badly: Ugo Izeogu of 3UD Goes CRAZY on Rapper Eva Alordiah Over Alleged Claim of Ownership of 3UD

9. D’Banj and Don Jazzy Lose it with weed inspired dance video.

Depending on who you ask, this may or may not be very bad behavior. But from an artist branding perspective, these celebrities on a weed high, dancing like crazy men, and worse D’Banj showing us how he gets down was errr . . . let’s just say not cool. The incident happened a while ago but Celebrity blogger Shei Funmi released the video in April 2013 of this year. So it is making our list jor as defined by my introduction.

DBanj Weed Video 2

Read the details and watch the video: CAUGHT ON TAPE: Marijuana “Weed” Influenced D’banj,Courtesy Celebrity Blogger Shei Funmi (Video)

10. Finally, as bloggers, journalists, reporters etc. we have a responsibility with the stories we share, and also to understand boundary limits. Extended families or relatives of celebrities are not the celebrities themselves. They have not asked to be in the news so when we cover stories about them, we have to be cautious and make sure we do substantiate such stories and that they are germane or relevant to the public. Celebrity blogger Shei Funmi was simply reckless when he shared a story about Davido’s father without nothing more. Davido, albeit angry, was equally off the meters when he took Shei Funmi on with the anti-gay slur “Faggot.”

Sheifunmi Nigerian Blogger v Celebrities Davido v Sheifunmi

Read details here: Celebrities Behaving Badly: Davido Calls Celebrity Blogger Shei Funmi “Faggot,” Takes a Line from Rapper Azealia Banks

What will 2014 bring? Let’s wait and see because whether we like it or not, there will be celebrities and pseudo-celebrities behaving badly. Many of these celebs are lucky they reside in Nigeria. In the USA, with similar conducts, they would probably have been slammed with lawsuits for defamation, or have criminal police reports filed; and for some even face criminal charges.


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