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Trouble Brewing at the Chocolate City Camp? M.I Unveils Jesse Jagz and Ice Prince as New Artist Under Loopy Records? Huh?

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This report on is not making sense. According to, M.I had a party yesterday to launch Loopy Music Records.He unveiled the three artists promised. However, he also unveiled two other artists Ice Prince and Jesse Jagz? also reports that none of the founders and executives of Chocolate City were present.

M.I is signed to Chocolate City.

His brother Jesse Jagz is also signed to Chocolate City.

His childhood best friend Ice Prince is signed to Chocolate City.

M.I has clarified, for the record, that Loopy Records, a company he founded years ago and now relaunches, is now a subsidiary of Chocolate City Group. Why is he then signing/unveiling the aforementioned two as new artists on Loopy Records?

Chocolate City is a bigger stronger label. Loopy is a start up yet to show a track record of success. Why would Chocolate City, full of intelligent practicing entertainment attorneys and executives, agree to give up the two (big stars) or sign the two simultaneously on both Chocolate City and Loopy; in a very limited geographic region i.e. Lagos/Nigeria??!! I’m thinking, are Sony Music established artists signed to an independent label with no track record of success AND Sony at the same time? Any other labels in Africa, USA or Europe doing this? Am I missing something? Trouble at Chocolate City camp? *Shrugs shoulders* Time will tell.

“Other than himself”  . . . Is M.I also now an artists under Loopy? Confusing!


“The trio of Paul Okeugo, Audu Maikori, and Yahaya Maikori, the popular Chocolate City head honchos were all missing yesterday at the launch of rapper and Chocolate City act Jude ‘M.I’ Abaga’s record label Loopy Music.

M.I launched the label which had been in existence for some years now, yesterday night, Wednesday, April 11, 2011 at a special Industry Nite event held at Oriental Hotel, in Lekki Lagos. The Jos Town rapper used the weekly event as an opportunity to showcase his label Loopy Music and it’s signed artistes who all had a go at performing a couple of songs.

Other than himself, five other artistes were unveiled last night – long-time friends and fellow Chocolate City label mates Ice Prince, Jesse Jagz along with Neo-Soul singer Ruby, Rock band Threadstone and upcoming rapper Loose Kaynon. . . has the full story.

(***(UPDATE) I mentioned in a prior article that if M.I will try to pull a Kanye West move i.e. G.O.O.D Music, which it appears is what he may be trying to do, his execution needs to be a lot stronger, especially on the marketing and promotions part. A lot of his moves, so far, has been rather confusing. )

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  1. Well as far as I know, Jagz and Ice Prince were on Loopy Records before CCity, maybe they never really terminated contracts and it has been a dual signing all along because if you notice Brymo, Pryse and DJ Caise are missing here, probably because they were never part of Loopy records before, I know Pryse signed to CCity in part because of M.I.’s association …also maybe that’s part of promo for Loopy records, the trio are names we are familiar with, the visible inclusion might be to give Loopy the credibility some might perceive it lacks. The absence of the CCity top management might just have been a result of scheduling conflict..not necessarily friction.

    CCity is evolving into an entertainment services company, it might just be a case of Loopy handle these crop of artists u have experience with, lets handle the fresh blood and business aspect of things, it also presents a situation where CCity can pull a Iman Ent/Trybe Records type deal in the future and grow their presence around the continent..

    Choc city’s da family, Loopy is d crew/as long as we together, we gon stay in d blue…no one in CCity said that, that’s just my attempt at

    1. @IamEbixx – I agree with you and actually I am aware of these facts. I, however, fee(l) there is more going on for so many reasons. Also, at a minimum, M.I as a new business owner, should really tighten things on the marketing and promotions. I also agree and feel there are many reasons all three executives of Chocolate City might not have been able to attend the event. Nevertheless, their absence (creates a) defeaning (silence).

      Time will tell.

      Thanks for your comment.


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