MIDEM 2019: Troy Carter on the Future of Music, Digital Distribution & More (Video)

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Midem 2019 just kicked off and the emerging theme is that of streaming and a focus on digital distribution. Troy Carter, one of the keynotes for this year’s event, addresses these issues in a discussion about the future of music and his new company Q&A. One thing about Troy is that there is never a dull moment with his interviews/discussions. Several interesting points he makes include:

1. Everyone is jumping into the digital distribution system, but many are not thinking about the added value.
2. Distributors are treating the distribution as a commodity, and that business model is questionable, for sustainability.
3. Distributors will have more of a role in A&R’ing artists.
4. An increase with artists as entrepreneurs. Interesting to see this shift in the U.S. but for the continent of Africa, AML, many of you longtime readers know this is very commonplace in many key African music markets.
5. His management strategy and the lawsuit filed by Scooter Braun against Troy Carter.

Watch his keynote:

-Ms. Uduak

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