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Ubi Franklin Should Thread Softly with Statements to the Media Denying Domestic Violence Against Emma Nyra


I abhor violence, in any form, against women. Y’all probably already knew that.

I, however, like to be cautious where accusations are thrown at any man claiming assault and battery on a woman. There are severe consequences and impact on the life of that man and at the end of the day, that guy is human. So, I don’t want to be a part of accusing people of wrong doing when I lack the evidence to substantiate such claims; or there are serious issues with the credibility of the evidence.

There are  generally  several forms of evidence that journalist as well as lawyers use in telling their stories. They include: a) documentary evidence (letters, contracts etc), b) physical evidence (fingerprints, hair or even pictures showing the physical evidence (photographic evidence) etc), and  c)  testimonial evidence (statements by witnesses or the victims).

In discussing news of celebrity domestic violence cases on AML, that have hit mainstream pop culture,  while I may have documentary and testimonial evidence from witnesses, ultimately the physical evidence or  pictures of the physical evidence or the victim’s statement is what I really want to take on the alleged perpetrator of these crimes in my reporting.

As it stands, in the Ubi Franklin v. Emma Nyra case, while I have the documentary and testimonial evidence, I lack the physical evidence or a statement from the alleged victim herself. Therefore, it is what it is at this point.

But, let’s be clear Ubi Franklin. It is NOT a good move to grant interviews to media houses saying the alleged three year ongoing assault and battery never happened because the alleged victim Emma Nyra would have reported it since she is American. It’s a terrible look and only succeeds in attracting more intense scrutiny.

You stay silent and fix the issue at the MMMG house or you make a clear statement that focuses on your label’s stance on the issue of domestic violence against female artists on its label.

Iyanya, I am aware you have allegedly, and for the first time in recent times, stepped in and threatened Ubi to stop, or else. You need to do that more often. Ubi may have helped make you the big star you are. But if his alleged actions continue the way they are, he will help break you too. Remember, you are the one wanting to cross over into the USA & UK markets. News flash, Americans don’t like abusers or record labels that tolerate them either.

Read excerpts of what Ubi Franklin allegedly recently shared with the Punch Newspaper.  The audacity.



“On air personality, Fade Ogunro, ranted on twitter few days ago (although she pulled the post down almost immediately), calling out a guy who she claimed, beat up his girlfriend all the time.

Those who made it their business to know, alleged Fade was referring to Tripple MG boss, Ubi Franklin and the young female artiste signed to his label, Emma Nyra.

In fact, so many blog followers feasted on the gist, claiming Ubi sexually and physically assaulted Emma at every opportunity.

But in an exclusive interview with Saturday Beats, Ubi said that he was being set up and that he and Emma Nyra were not an item. He added that they both have a “strictly professional” relationship because of her music.

“How do you sexually assault somebody you are not dating? There is nothing like that. With the kind of business we do, people just think that the only way they can set us up is to go to the press because we are public people. It is very sad. We are not dating and there is nothing like that. This entire thing is brand damaging because nothing like that has ever happened before. I cannot do such because I have a lot of things to lose and they are everything I have worked hard to get. I have a reputation of integrity to keep, so why would I do such?” he said.

Franklin said that if anything of such ever happened, it couldn’t have been a secret because Nyra would have spoken out about it.

He said, “Emma would have spoken out. She is not a fool, she is an American. I don’t know why people would think I would ever sexually harass a woman. This is somebody that just got back with me from Dubai and Malaysia. We travel round the world together, so I don’t see where such a wicked rumour about me would emanate from. Those things are uncalled for and I don’t know who could be peddling such a rumour against me…” – Punch Newspaper has the full story.

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