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Is OAP Fade Ogunro Accusing Label CEO Ubi Franklin of Violence Against Emma Nyra, his Alleged Punching Bag?


As you all know, I am currently writing my music law book for Nigeria/Africa’s industry. It now has fifteen chapters. In the book, I decided to dedicate a chapter to dealing with violence against female artists and sexual harassment in the industry.

Indeed, since my foray into establishing Africa Music Law, I have heard many stories about executives in the industry alleging pummeling and making female artists their punching bags. The stories include allegations  that Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay were regular punching bags at their previous management labels, before they finally left. I have also heard stories about Ubi Franklin, co-owner of Iyanya’s MMMG Record Label, making Emma Nyra his constant punching bag. It is my understanding that industry insiders witness these beatings but nobody does anything about it because “that’s just the way it is.”

Further, it is my understanding that Emma Nyra has been  forced, against her will, to agree to play along to fabricated stories to the media and press that she is Ubi’s girlfriend. Again, apparently many in the industry know about this but do nothing. I have heard so many stories/allegations of violence against many female artists, it would fill up pages if I began sharing these allegations.

As to the allegations against Ubi, I have been unsure what to believe until the recent explosion on social media by OAP Fade Ogunro who is also co-owner of a video production company, Film Factory, with her brother Sesan Ogunro. Based on the statements she shared on social media, which she has since deleted, but not before many captured it, she accuses a music executive of constantly beating up his artist girl friend signed on his label. She drops enough clues that has the internet buzzing that the story/clues she shares is about Ubi Franklin and Emma Nyra.

What’s particularly interesting to me is how Fade completely “wigs out” over this guy interfering with her personal relationship with her boyfriend. She doesn’t “wig out” to protect a woman she is aware of that is being pummeled daily ,even though she is a radio host and also wields some power in the industry. But, the moment her relationship is threatened with her boyfriend, she takes to social media to begin calling out “niggas” as she puts it.

First, Nigerian women in entertainment, if you are aware that your sisters are being pummeled by those who should protect them, why do you wait until those people threaten your own relationships to “out” them? What are you doing to be your sister’s keeper? And don’t you dare tell me you have no responsibility to help your sister. As women, we are part of the problem. If women in entertainment joined hands together and begin to address these issues and create a safe haven for each other, men, especially men in entertainment who rely on the media/publicity to help drive demand for their products and services in the entertainment business, will think very hard before they touch any one of our women.

It starts one step at a time. We are too quick to talk about how we women behave, that we can’t work together, we get easily jealous etc. Really? Those statements are foolish nonsense to me. What do they have to do with the price of bread? Your sister is getting pummeled, you know this. Her self esteem is eroding on the daily. You see this and know this. You want to wait until she dies before you shake your head and still do nothing? What the hell? I am tired of us women being only concerned about silly appearances and catering to the desires of men and not being our sisters’ keepers. This woman is going all out like she is ready to fight a war, not to protect her sister but to keep her man. Really?


We need to step up and be our sisters’ keepers. Fade should not wait until Ubi allegedly tells lies to Fade’s man about her relationship or tries to destroy it before she thinks to say, “Oh! You nko? You beat up your label girlfriend artist all the time.”

While it is yet to be confirmed for sure that Fade is referring to Ubi Franklin, she has left so many clues that the inference and logical conclusion, for many, is that she refers to Ubi Franklin. In fact, I will like to see her deny that she is not referring to Ubi and Emma Nyra. Ladies we need to step it up, really. We really need to.

This idea that we are constantly trying to tear each other down is the Kool-aid I never drank and refuse to do so. You too can refuse to drink the Kool-aid.

Fellas, industry men reading this, y’all know I ain’t down with that beating nonsense and violence ish at all. If that information reaches my inbox and checks out, please be clear that you will be a constant blog and news topic on my platforms.

This culture of beating women up HAS TO STOP. Ubi, I’m hoping this is not true, although I have received enough information to suggest this is true. If it is, SHAME ON YOU. If it is, SHAME ON IYANYA and the entire MMMG crew that stands and watches and does nothing about this.

Emma Nyra,if you are the affected one,  it goes without saying that no music career is worth making you a punching bag. There are many ways to get to the top. Get help.

Everyone, this is unacceptable. It starts with each one of you reading this making a personal pledge to not be part of the problem. If you have mothers, sisters, aunties, female cousins, grandmas, then you gotta know this is simply unacceptable. We are the ones that will change the current state of Nigeria. The constant blaming of our leaders when we in our own communities refuse to take responsibility and do the right thing, makes us hypocrites of the highest order. We have no business calling out our leaders for any perceived wrong doing or corruption when we refuse to hold ourselves to the same standards we demand from them.


Fade Ogunro Film Factory

Dear CEO,

I have learnt that In life, people will try and lie about you, bring you down, those that hurt you most are the ones that disguise themselves as friends. There’s one particular person in the industry that tries everyday to infiltrate my life and break up my relationship. Jesus will always stop you from hurting me emotionally, physically, mentally. When Jesus says yes, no man can say no! Meanwhile this person stays beating up girls, he stays smacking the girl that is signed to his label, they pretend they are in a loving relationship. Nope, she cheats, he beats her. She has never admitted that she is your girlfriend, she is clearly embarrassed by you. #DumbAss.

Same nigga wants to lie about me, why you so extra? Stay outta my life, reality is im in love and he hates that. Anyone who is any type of happy he wants to bring them down. Go focus on your sad negative life. No matter what, God has blessed me, deal with it. I have a wealthy heart and I’m cute. You just mad that the only girls you can get are my mans leftovers from 5 years ago. You ugly, you heart is ugly, your intentions are ugly. You will end up lonely and still ugly. FOH!
The world will see you for who you really are! #HaterAlert


The girl who has been in a loving 2 year relationship.



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