The Tragic Death of Popular Ugandan Musician Mowzey Radio

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Ugandans have been thrown into mourning over the untimely death of one of its finest musicians Moses Ssekibogo, Mowzey Radio, who just died at the age of 33. Mowzey Radio died following a bar fight where he sustained head injuries on or about January 27, 2018. Shortly after the fight, he was taken to the hospital but subsequently lapsed into a coma until his death on February 1, 2018. Five people have been arrested in connection with his death. This is really sad news and a lesson to all artists and industry professionals worth heeding. Watch highlights from his burial and major condolences to his family friends and the people of Uganda for their loss.

-Ms. Uduak

Doctors explain the cause of death

NTV Uganda News About the Burial

Meet Mowzey Radio

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