Video | EME’s First Lady NIYOLA Releases ‘Toh Bad’ Video Directed by Kemi Adetiba, Starring Rising NY Model & Actor Garvey Dutes


Niyola is doing her thing and looking great while at it under the E.M.E record label imprint.

The singer, just yesterday, dropped her first music video under the label called ‘Toh Bad.’

Can I just say how much I love the music video director Kemi Adetiba’s story telling skills? It doesn’t get as real as this when it comes to the love drama that happens in reality. While the video focuses on indecisiveness women tend to have in relationships, even when they know they are in unhealthy situations, my experience is that it is not limited to women. Surprisingly, a good amount of men do go through this same experiences. “Love” at one point or another, does turn us into fools. If you are currently in one of these yoyo kinds of relationships displayed in the music video, I hope you find the courage to move on with your life. You deserve better.

Great job with casting. I love the lead male role here. He is a young emerging model and actor by the name of Garvey Dutes. Garvey, you will go a very long way in the industry here in the U.S.A. Definitely keep pushing. You did a great job with your acting.

By the way, folks, if the name rings a bell, it is also because Garvey was the man who was sleeping on a train in New York and nodded off on the shoulder of an older Jewish gentleman, in a recent viral picture circulating online. A fellow rider wanted to wake Garvey, but the Jewish man said to leave him alone because he was clearly tired. The rider took a picture, posted it on one of the social media platforms and 1.3million hits later, everyone is still talking about the picture.

Back to the video, in terms of the cinematography, the video images are not as crisp and sharp as Adetiba’s prior works. I don’t know want happened but I’d like to see the same strong quality of prior works if not better in future works.

Finally, for the artist Niyola, Banky W I am wondering, considering you are also an artist and have your own independent brand identity separate from your executive role as E.M.E’s co-founder and label head, why Niyola does not have her own dedicated You Tube channel? Is there a particular reason why her video is posted under your name and brand identity rather than her’s?

At a minimum, it should go under the E.M.E dedicated You Tube channel, if you are a bit concerned. Am I missing something? That is a red flag for problems in the future. Nip it in the butt, now.

Overall, I think a solid video and great story telling.

Enjoy folks.



EME’s First lady; NIYOLA releases highly anticipated video for TOH BAD

Lagos| Nigeria

Following the success of Niyola’s breakout singles; Crazy and Toh Bad, Empire Mates Entertainment proudly presents the official video for TOH BAD. This video aptly illustrates the powerful and captivating message behind the Oscar produced love ballad. TOH BAD was shot on location in New York by prolific cinematographer Kemi Adetiba.

R&B singer, songwriter and recording artiste; Niyola is signed to Nigerian music powerhouse; Empire Mates Entertainment which is also home to Banky W, Wizkid, Skales, Shaydee and DJ Xclusive.

Confirmed sources say Niyola will follow up the release of this video with a couple of singles and a very special surprise.

Download TOH BAD (Audio) –

Connect with Niyola: Twitter: iAmNiyola |Facebook: Niyola |Instagram: Niyola

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