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Video: Hmm . . .This Eva Alordiah New Female Rap Revolution Get as E Be O.


Eva is talented and an artist who I am fond of and want to see become quite successful. I think I have said it before that she comes with the whole package: strong style sense, intelligence and of cause her creative talents both in fashion and music, plus she is gorgeous and I love her tom-boyish ways that reminds me very much of me. I am also very proud of her as a business woman who is making things happen and taking out some of these fellas that come at her crazy. We have seen some of the stories here on AML.

Here is the thing though that I am not crazy about, her mouth. Eva curses like a sailor in her music and worse than many of the male rappers out of Nigeria. When I think of some of the roles typically delegated to men that women occupy, I often wonder if we women understand the importance of emulating men, (who were the role models we watched in those roles before we took them on) but not losing our femininity. I am a late comer to the game of embracing all things feminine. I think I will always have that streak of tom-boyishness in me and I have no interest whatsoever in changing that. But the point is, when I play ball for example, I model my play after my brother who I watched and admired playing but in the final analysis I am not trying to lose my female identity in the process. I think the same holds for rap music. Yeah Eva, spit hard, bring the sexy et al but why you gotta curse every second. Even the dudes don’t curse as hard because they have no point to prove per se, and neither should you. We all know that you are talented, smart, beautiful and can definitely hold next to any rapper in the Nigeria, heck M.I gave you props like that when your first emerged on the scene so what point are we trying to prove here?

I will tell you a quick story. When I was growing up, when I would walk into a space, I just wanted all the attention and tended to be very talkative if not the most talkative. Today, I know I don’t need all that because nobody can miss a 6ft 2in confident woman, sometimes with heels, entering any room, nobody. It just is what it is. When I got clued in on that fact, I made my adjustment. I think in Nigeria’s music space, nobody can miss Eva, even if she tried to hide. She stands out. So, I am unsure why all these extra “bitch this” “F*ck this and that” every second.

Is that supposed to be art? Anyway, I just minded my business in my avenue since I wasn’t feeling the video her people sent but now you got all these Nigerian young women doing the Eva thing and I just thought it wise to drop a note for the leader Ms. Eva. Hey mama? What’s good? Does it really have to be that over the top hardcore to prove that you got the Nigerian rap game on lock down and can hang just as hard with the boys? We know for a fact you can. Do you know this and even more so, do you believe it? If so, then try to do some editing, some more refinement as you would a make up or beauty session or a fashion editorial shoot.


Eva Alordiah DEAF

Tight video, on point visuals, on point beats, strong flow, now try to edit the lyrics or at a minimum produce a clean version for all the young Nigerian little girls who will see this emulate it and know nothing about the journey or history, please.

I saw this freestyle and felt the same too.

Now I am worried when all these young Nigerian women are doing the same “bitch” and ‘Don’t tell me Sh*t” and “suck on this d*ck”

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