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Video | JY Park has ‘Had Enough,’ While Nollywood Bad Boy Jim Iyke Becomes Born Again at Pastor TB Joshua’s Church

I am not a fan of judging people, at least I try very hard not to do so. This is distinct from holding them accountable for their actions.For my family and very close friends, including persons I date, I have certain expectations because their actions certainly affect me very deeply, needless to say, and vice versa. Beyond the scope of that, honestly, I don’t know people’s realities, how they live their lives and their real stories. They may act a fool and I call it for what it is. But I do not believe that makes that person an inherently evil or bad person. I suppose I need that kind of psyche/dna to handle the many criminal matters I have handled in my legal career thus far.

I believe that we all have an internal yin-yang conflict and depending on the day, sometimes the wind may pull us more to that dark side, and other times, the good side. It is human nature and is what it is. For many, they find redemption through religion. Still others find it with no religion or making other human beings their gods or food, sex, and whatever else is out there. Either way, at the end of the day, each man and woman has to stand before a mirror and the image that stares right back at them is what they, needless to say, will have to contend with.

Therefore, when the news of Jim Iyke being delivered at Pastor TB Joshua’s church went viral on the internet, all I could think was, “hey Iyke. If it is really the true deal, then I am happy for you and may you continue to work it out with you and your God.” I am Seventh Day Adventist and while I grew up Pentecostal, I honestly used to be so confused and afraid as a child when I see the kind of experience displayed in the Jim Iyke video below. I love my current faith and the way we do things but I don’t question Jim Iyke’s experience and reality. It is his and I suppose this may translate to Iyke picking out better scripts that allow him to display diverse roles rather than the one dimensional evil roles he is used to; which unfortunately has spilled into real life.

Nevertheless, when the story flooded the internet that Jim Iyke was now a saved man, I saw a lot of skepticism and anger towards him shared by many on social media platforms. My question is, “is it your salvation?” What’s your own? Also, the idea that because you believe in God/Christ/Buddha etc. means you are instantly perfect is ridiculous. I think we sometimes take our twisted idea of religion to levels unknown and insist on imposing it on others.

I think at the end of the day, South Korea’s JY Park’s latest music video to his hit song ‘Had Enough’ captures the journey we must all confront and deal with. He talks about all the parties, women, and awesome life he has had that money could buy. However, there is something missing and he wants that life partner someone that will love him when he is old and gray. He wants the kids, the grand kids etc.

In the final analysis, each man and woman, celebrity or otherwise must look his/herself in the mirror and say, “I have had enough,” if and when they reach that climatic point of the change they think ought to occur in their lives, and then make the decision about the kind of lives they really want to live. Through that process, some may find salvation through the Christian God, others may find salvation through a different means. It is what it is. The ultimate evidence will be how they live their lives going forward.

We are all trying to figure this thing out called life i.e. the journey. If Jim Iyke has found Christ, good for him. Doubting the authenticity of his experience makes no sense to me because it is HIS experience not ours.

-Uduak Oduok

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