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VIDEO: VERY, VERY BAD LOOK: DMV Promoter T-Spotlite Allegedly ASSAULTS Artist MC GALAXY, Police Called


MC GalaxyDisputes involving promoters and artists are common place, including in Africa’s entertainment industry. I have said often that a lot of these issues can be avoided and the brouhaha needs to stop. Now we don pass breach of contract situations to criminal assaults and battery. Check on the story, video and report. Special thanks to the AML reader who brought my attention to this story.

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As reported by

“Popular Nigerian artist, MC Galaxy, known for his hit songs “Nek Unek” featuring Davido, and Sekem was physically assaulted by DMV ( Washington, DC) Promoter T-Spotlite of Spotlite Entertainment. MC Galaxy was set to appear at a nightclub in the DMV. When MC Galaxy arrived he immediately entered the club to find a measely 40 people in the venue. Sources say that the event was poorly promoted and most individuals were not even aware that MC Galaxy was in the state or more people would have come out.

At approximitely 2:53 AM, sources say that MC Galaxy had waited for hours to perform and decided that it was best for him to leave since the event was ending at 3:00 AM, and he had not yet been paid. When this was brought to DMV Promoter T-Spotlite’s attention he became infuriated, despite this being the result of his own events disorganization. T-Spotlite viciously grabbed and threw MC Galaxy from his car and proceeded to punch and attack him multiple times, as well as breaking his Versace belt and jewlery, until police were forced to break up the incident. Police also had to escort MC Galaxy from the premises because T-Spotlite threatened to finish him off at his hotel. MC Galaxy is said to be in okay condition. It is yet to be confirmed if MC Galaxy will be pressing charges against this promoter yet. We wish MC a speedy recovery!

Subsequent reporting:

On September 13, we informed you of the disturbing physical assualt of MC Galaxy that took place in Silver Spring, Maryland at a local club. The club was not known to be involved, just the promoters. Well, as we informed you video footage was known to be taken, and an exclusive video was sent to

The video footage starts off with MC Galaxy and the True Voice artist with there manager’s excited and preparing to perform their latest single later that night. This excitement quickly took a turn for the worst when Spotlite became infuriated. The video seems to have been taken AFTER the initial fight where T-Spotlite first did his initial attack on MC Galaxy, and when the cops finally got involve. However, the cops presence didn’t seem to deter promoter, T-Spotlite from displaying some interesting behaviors, as well as cursing out several involved and uninvolved individuals. MC Galaxy remained composure throughout the ordeal. Many promoters in the DMV have reached out to to apologize for this promoters behavior, as well as disassociate from T-Spotlite.

A prominent promoter in the DMV who wishes to remain anonymous stated,”This is an embarrasment for promoters in the US as a whole, and specifically the DMV. This has never happened before and should not be a representation of promoters in the DMV. We hope MC Galaxy is okay.”


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