VIDEO: ‘Voice of the Street’ – Rapper Olamide Forces Innovation on Nigerian Music Video Production Industry

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Voice of the Streets Olamide Video Shot by Matt MaxI don’t think there is much to say beyond what the headline in my post has said. Can any of you point to any music video coming out of Nigeria in recent times that has pushed the envelope the way Olamide has in the video below? Beautiful work by the video director Matt Max. Equally beautiful work by whomever did the editing. Great story telling and indeed this ought to be how hard we push ourselves in expecting nothing short of the best from the industry.

I wish this song had even more English lyrics for a big push in the Western markets.

By the way, Olamide disses Wizkid in his song saying he does not have a voice like Wizkid. Olamide was  that necessary? Sing/rap in your lane and let someone else sing/rap in their lane.


Warning: Mild used of strong language. Click at your own discretion.

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