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Video: Will You MOVE ON Already? Yes/No? Wizkid Talks Starboy Music & Relationship Status with EME


Wizkid and EME BreakupIndustry, AML people, hello hello. As a reminder, if you send me an email and I am unresponsive, please do send a reminder again. As you can imagine, I have a very full schedule and it has been particularly hectic the past few weeks. So bear with me. This message is intended for AML music executives and event organizers who have solicited me for various matters within this past two weeks. I promise, I will get to you. Thanks.

Okay. So, let’s get on with the focus of this post. There is someone I know who likes to ask “what does it mean?,” in response to statements made where he deems people are “talking gibberish.” You should see the look on his face when he says this. Priceless.

I will take a cue from him and ask Wizkid, “what does it mean” when you say “we are still cool. EME is still family?” We are talking business here and you are saying you are “still cool” and you are still “family.” What does that mean?? Reference Drake v. Weeknd Breakup, the recent article by AML Intern Ms. Udeme Uwan, and you know that answer is not enough.

Wizkid was, in an interview by Yvonne “Vixen” Ekwere, asked what the deal was with EME. His response was a bunch of “ngbati ngbati.”

EME, Wizkid, will you both MOVE on already? Yes/No?

This two should get it over with already, whatever it is they are doing.


Watch the clip below where TV Presenter/host Yvonne Ekwere (an amazing fashion-forward personality by the way).

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  1. The Kinkster says:

    You can’t actually have expected Wizkid to detail anything regarding his contract/business with EME on the red carpet at some random event though.Seriously?

    Looks like you’re looking for jist were there isn’t any. Maybe they are still at negotiation stage regarding his current contract and nothing has moved forward since your last article?

    Wizkid spoke about starting a separate label as a pet project as far back as his June 2012 HMV Appollo show conference (its on youtube) and he was still very much with EME then, so I dont know why everyone’s is hanging on that and rushing for hot jist wey no dey. Blogs are all the same. Thought you were different though

    1. Hey @Kikibeneme/Kinkster,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Wait. How do you get from my question of what does it mean to say “we are family” to the leap/inference that I “expect” “detail(s)” of the contract or business these two are in? What a jump.

      Also, as to the red carpet argument, you need a stronger argument. Wizkid is not a novice to the spotlight/red carpets. He has been on numerous red carpets to count. He should be more adept and articulate at dealing with and answering a question that he knows all want to know, especially given his actions remain inconsistent with his words. Reference how Banky W answered the same question on Silverbird TV. The bar should be lowered for Wizkid because . . . ? Care to let me know?

      Also, you freely help yourself to servings of assumptions on what the duo are doing; but I am not free to ask what Wizkid means when he says “we are family?” or “we are cool?” Really? Why?

      As to Starboy, if you read my articles you know that I know that Starboy has been in the works for a while. Actually, insiders also know artist(s) Wizkid has been courting for Starboy. As indicated in one of my articles, EME gave him their blessings so that point is moot and not even at issue in my article. So I am confused why you even raise it?

      Finally, as to “thought you were different” comment. Okay? From?

      are indeed all the same i.e. they are open diaries with a common thread of reflecting the subjective opinions, personalities and value systems of their owners. So, yes in that sense, I am the same with all blogs out there. Otherwise, I know you can’t even maintain a straight face with that statement because it is funny, at best.


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