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Wande Coal to Launch his Own Record Label ‘BLACK DIAMOND’?


Below is the excerpt floating on the web space about Wande Coal’s next move. I did say during the Mo’Hits Brouhaha that Wande Coal would be better off going solo and standing on his own, both as a man and as an artist in charge of his career. He has a great voice and has been that diamond in the rough that needs to step up and take charge of his music career, in all aspects.

This is one story I will be watching.By the way, anyone paying attention to M.I Abaga’s bold moves on Loopy Records? I think it is sort of the same situation here, as I have indicated in the past. There is no issue with M.I. Abaga and Chocolate City Records but it is time for the next thing and that next thing for M.I is Loopy Records with some sort of brokered co-branded deal, where applicable with Chocolate City.

They are also definitely not making that official until much later, if at all, to avoid Chocolate City, in particular, seeing a decline in sales, revenue and other business income.

What are your thoughts on the Wande Coal story, assuming the facts reported are true?


“Wande Coal will in a couple of months unveil his own record label called BLACK DIAMOND. The label is already registered and has 2 artistes on it with their singles to be released in 2013. The record label, which is being managed by Wande’s manager Abbey Nana, has been Wande’s dream dream since his days at Mo’Hits before moving on with Don Jazzy as an established artiste under Mavin Records.

Sources close to Wande disclosed to Music Gist that he was inspired to float his own label about 2 years ago when he started having problems with D’banj over the release of his 2nd album. He made efforts to leave Mo’Hits Records but was held back by Don Jazzy who promised to straighten his career for him no matter what.

That Wande is floating his own label might give people reasons to speculate a fight between Don Jazzy and Wande since he is signed onto his label Mavin but we can authoritatively tell you that they are on good terms and have an understanding about Wande’s move. Don Jazzy , we learnt has given Wande the grace and support to float his label and also promised to support him. ” City People Magazine via Alabama Uncut

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1 Comment

  1. In my opinion, Don Jazzy is a true Don. Though a very quite guy, he’s a true example of “action speaks louder than voice”. I’ll like to say a big thank you to Don Jazzy for giving Wande Coal the needed blessing and support to do his own thing – independently.

    I’ll definitely be on the look out for Wande Coal’s new record label. There’s a lesson to learn in the relationship this guys have built so far (I like it).

    As for D’banj, I think his pride/ego will come back and haunt him (terribly) if he’s not careful. The many negative comments/opinions I read about him on several forums/blogs, even from those that have met him personally or know him personally, is very alarming.

    Personally, I think D’banj is making a big fool of himself. He wears the jesus piece chain Kanye West gave him to every single event, and in every video appearance, telling everyone Kanye gave him this chain. What the heck a jesus piece chain have to do with putting out good music? I listened to Dban’s Bachelor music and was like ehh? Music with no flavor?

    Anyways, D’banj ass-kissing Kanye and his entourage is just sickening to be honest. The way he does it is even worse than oliver twist. Pls, Nigerians in the US are not beggars oo, we are decent people and money or fame is not all that matters to us.

    You can’t ditch your country, people of your country, or your African values (tradition, culture), for that of the West.


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