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What Exactly Qualifies 9ice for Political Office + Is his Personal Baby Mama Drama Life a Preview of How he Will Handle Political Office if Elected?


In recent years, we have seen 9ice the musician go through some drawn out messy situations in the public eye in terms of how he handles his private affairs. While his situation with his ex-wife, Toni Payne, did not work out i.e. his marriage ended in divorce (nothing unusual, per se), what was unusual was the allegation of neglect of his two children with an ex-girlfriend Victoria Godis, sister to popular On Air Personality Oreka Godis. If you missed that story, click here.

9ice who also has one child from his union with Toni Payne has just,  a few days ago, allegedly welcomed a baby girl with an alleged Texas based girlfriend, according to recent news reports going viral. Check out the story here.

When it comes to public relations, which presumably being in political office demands a good rapport with the public including media/bloggers, it seems 9ice lacks the needed rapport. Nevertheless, 9ice recently declared his interest in running for office (the Federal House of Rep., Oyo State) and is now plunging right ahead into campaign mode.

Several questions:
1) What exactly qualifies 9ice to run for political office? His education, his work , if any, with the people of Nigeria/Oyo State? His popularity as a musician? What exactly is his qualification?9ice Politics

2) What exactly is his track record? There are several musicians/entertainers who have now turned to Politics. They include Desmond Elliot and Julius Agwu. For the last two mentioned, we could look at the successful businesses they have run, their lack of controversy throughout their careers and the fact that they keep their home front on lock down; to give us indications of what we should expect in office.

While such factors do not necessarily mean Desmond or Julius will be good elected officials, we at least are working with some positive factors. With 9ice, there are a lot of unknowns to contend with.  For example, what happened to the way 9ice handled Alapomeji Records and the artists on his roster? Is that how he will handle a federal position if elected?

3) An equally important question is, is 9ice’s handling of his baby mama drama personal affairs an indication of how he will handle public office, if elected? The values a man holds is important especially where he seeks to lead people and ensure their best interests at heart. From education, housing, jobs, health, to women’s issues/women’s rights, what exactly is his agenda and track record?

I’m definitely leery when I see artists/entertainers going into politics, especially where they have no track record of doing anything for the citizens of their states or countries, except to ask them to purchase their goods/products i.e. music which benefits the artists.

I’m even more leery when such entertainers come with a  truckload of drama, the type of personal drama including baby mama drama that can and should be avoided.  In my view, I see no reason  9ice  seeks to be an elected official except of course for power and ego, my 50kobo for all it is worth.

What do you think? I’d like to hear your thoughts. What qualifies 9ice for the Federal House of Representative?


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