What is Wrong With Asa? Attacks Questionmark Entertainment as “Criminals” Who “Steal” her Work. . .

I was irritated when I saw tweets by Asa calling/implying Questionmark Entertainment (QE) label were “criminals” who “stole” her work with respect to a sale of a new album titled ‘Down on Me.’ Asa you are not the only one passionate about music you know. Take a chill pill with the language.

First, Asa sent a press release published a few weeks ago on AML where she stated that she would potentially seek legal action against QE for what appeared, in her view, to be alleged intellectual property (copyright) infringement. Fine, do it when you are ready. Getting on twitter and using strong inflammatory and potentially defamatory (untrue) statements about a record label she has worked with in the past is simply not acceptable.

Second, there are two sides to every story and so far, we are yet to hear QE’s perspective. Depending on the deal signed, there could still very well be music ownership of songs that belong to QE; of which they can do whatever they want to do with the songs including selling it in Alaba market or anywhere they deem fit. If she will call/imply they are “criminals” that “steal” her hard work, she should have a bit more substantiation in a form of a press release by her PR team, after consultation with her lawyers, addressing what the issues are and providing the necessary context.

Either way, I thought it inappropriate that she would attack QE with such strong language. What then is the point of why she hired a PR firm to handle this issue? Why threaten a lawsuit then? It makes no sense and is just irritating. For QE, depending on the facts, her attacks could provide legal claims under Nigeria’s Defamation laws and Business Interference of Contractual Relationships, among others.

PR TIP 101
Talents/Artists etc. hire your Publicist and then get out of the way so they can do their job.


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  1. TruthIsBitter says:

    If you analyse her tweet properly , I dont think she addressed QE as criminals. ”Criminals are doing this to spoil my name and steal your money! we are working hard to stop this from permanently happening” that was her tweet 1hour before the one she mentioned QE. Also, her next tweet which is where QE was mentioned insinuated that the Alaba market people were the ones she was referring to as criminals. So, she could claim the criminal tweet was tweeted while the investigation was on and an Hour later they found out it was Question Mark that was behind the whole issue and she put their name out without using any foul languages against them. The only tweet that can be associated to QE was the tweet about DEATH THREAT which was tweeted immediately after the the one she mentioned QE.

    1. Is a death threat (threatening to kill someone) not a criminal activity/(act), assuming we go with your view? That’s even worse.

      Thanks for the input.


  2. Austin says:

    Uduak. From the tone of ur write up i would say u have alliances with QE. If she has been truly threatened then with no mix of words they are CRIMINALS *note with a capital ‘C’. Before i even heard the album i knew something was off, only for Asa to confirm it. So if you are irritated by her statment of which i see nothing wrong, YOU have questions to answer.

    1. Lol! It is impossible to state an opinion without having alliances? Rather myopic don’t you think? Unfortunately, I have no clue who these people are. Asa was inappropriate, in my view, on how she handled this, especially since she already has a PR team at work for her.The parties were involved in some legal relationship. The relationship has gone South. There is a court of law to sort situations like this out. She knows this as she is currently in litigation on a different case. She has threatened suit against QE. Her attorneys can work out the kinks with QE’s attorneys. What she did , especially if she has a legal team, is really ridiculous. It’s the type of stuff that makes lawyers like myself irritated.

  3. Feyi says:

    Lmao! Just love you Uduak. felt asa was inappropriate as well perhaps it was an emotional outburst. reminds me of when genevieve nnaji and her one time manager splitted, the woman cursed genevieve’s life and threatened hell but genevieve responded with silence. lol. asa should have responded to it the way she did to the lesbian tale, lawsuit with no outburst

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