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What’s Really Good with Zara Gretti Chronicles?

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I recently saw “Zara Gretti Chronicles” and I couldn’t help but ask, “What’s really good with Zara Gretti formerly known as Zara?” The chronicles provided don’t quite tell the whole story. More importantly, it leaves a gaping silence that, says something is off.

Check this out, Zara just a few years ago, was one of the most promising female artist in Nigeria’s music industry. She was full of confidence, energy, vibrancy and most importantly, talent. She left all of us fans, yes I am a fan, although in a different way than most, here in the States and packed up to go to Nigeria.

I love seeing strong female talents in the industry and supporting their work. Yes ladies, if you have strong music, hit me up on all of my platforms. There is way too much testosterone on most websites online and the females need to be heard. By the way, I saw a tweet earlier saying Nigerian female musicians should sit down because Tiwa Savage was the only real singer. *Rolls eyes.* When the madness sets on the heads of some people it really does. Moving on. We need a little balance in the music industry.

Back to my story. Zara was good, real good. She relocated to Nigeria, signed on to 9ice’s record label Alapomeji, per press releases etc., then for a while it seemed like Toni Payne of Toni Payne concepts was managing her and then this video below? What’s really good?

There is such lack of branding and publicity on this video clip beyond the fact that on the back end, I certainly haven’t seen the kind of promotion I am used to with prior Zara related music, activities and campaigns. What’s the story on this clip? Why is she competing for a music competition of some sorts? Confused. Is she competing?

Where is Toni Payne on this video clip? Where is the shout out to Toni Payne’s management? Why is Zara releasing a video that takes her to where she was before she even left the States? I am confused. Is it the editing of the video?

What is the point i.e. the story of this video? This is one talent I don’t want to see fall on the wayside.

Is Zara solo? Self managing etc? Either way, better packaging and transition with the press and fans would be helpful to tell us “where ya been, where ya at and where ya tryna to go.” Don’t just drop a video on us with no explanations or official announcements.

Looking for answers. Seriously what’s really good on the Zara Gretti Chronicles? Something is off on this clip, that much I know and ain’t feeling the whole new presentation that leaves gaps and unanswered questions.

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  1. IamEbixx says:

    I can't help but feel that she is getting frustrated with the industry, she was almost crying at the end of the 1st video…She is a shadow of the Zara I remember from the 2008/9 years…there used to be a spark that is missing these day…she moved to Naija with this Alapomeji record deal, but it seems like she is flying solo these days.

    1. Africamusiclaw says:


  2. Bukola Are says:

    Zara is talented .I would love to help develop a new look

    1. Africamusiclaw says:

      They say "ask and it shall be given unto you. You should contact her directly on twitter and ask." n nBest of luck with that Ms. House of Versatile Styles. n nI understand your fashion event in New York went well. n nCheers, nUduak

      1. Bukola Are says:

        Yes, Thank You .r nWe actually have done some things in the past .I am sure when opportunity presents itself we will work together again.

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