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Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose & Baby Sebastian: How Early is Too Early To Roll Up?

AMBER WIZ KHALIFARecently Wiz Khalifa’s baby momma, Amber Rose, posted a picture of Khalifa holding the couple’s infant son, Sebastian (Bash), on her Instagram page. This isn’t the first picture of a celebrity baby to hit Instagram so what was it about this photo that caused Rose to receive an immense amount of backlash from Instagram followers? The picture seen below shows baby Bash sporting white socks with little marijuana plants printed on them. Rose captioned the picture “Like father like son #HUFsocks.”

Is There Something Wrong With This?

Most people who support the legalization of marijuana, like myself (for other reasons than wanting to smoke all day), would want to instill the same values in their children. Marijuana and its legalization involve a political and personal stance and people should be free to voice their views in a peaceful manner. After all how many babies were wearing Obama-Biden onesies last year clearly showing children in support of their parents’ political views?

I know I criticized Beyoncé for her last song (B*tch Bow Down) but please bear in mind my logic and my attempts to be as objective as possible. The message of that Beyoncé’s new song is in direct conflict with all her past material. Granted, artists should be allowed to express themselves as they please. But when someone makes it their mission in life to be America’s golden girl, self-contradiction becomes a big deal.

Baby Sebastian in Weed SocksWiz Kalifa and Amber Rose have not contradicted themselves in any way with this picture. Their fans knew what they were getting into when they jumped on the black and yellow bandwagon. They haven’t confused or hurt anybody by putting their baby in marijuana print socks; they haven’t even hurt themselves. Everybody knows they smoke A LOT of pot. No one is surprised or confused, and mothers everywhere are probably just reaffirming why they will not buy a Wiz Khalifa album for their kids. Wiz Khalifa has made it very clear to his fans that he is a fiend for that green. He doesn’t hide it and he doesn’t pretend. In fact pictures of him smoking pot can be found all over the internet. Amber Rose has made it very clear that she supports her man in his smoky endeavors. So for those of you OMG-ing, I don’t know what you expected. Would you have a problem if that were Bob Marley’s baby sporting marijuana patterned socks?

On the Flip-Side

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not support children smoking marijuana or being exposed to it at all. I do have some issues with this picture, but they are more based on logic than morals. My biggest issue is that marijuana is still illegal in many states in the US. Even if it weren’t, it is a substance that if legalized should be made available only for adult consumption. Alcohol is a legal intoxicant that can be purchased by any adult over the age of 21 in the United States, but beer mugs on childrens’ socks would be completely inappropriate, even on St. Patrick’s day. Would it be cool? Heck yeah!!! But it would still be inappropriate. Bearing all of that in mind, Wiz and Amber should not be surprised if their son begins to experiment with marijuana at a young age (effects of which have been shown to affect brain development and growth adversely).

Get Like Oprah

Banky W Christmas OrgyNobody can tell you how to parent your child, but when you are a celebrity engaging in controversial parenting techniques (ok let’s not make a mountain out of a mole-hill by calling a fashion choice a technique), you might want to keep that to yourself. Get like Oprah and keep your private life private. That’s why even if you do have baby weed socks, you might not want to put pictures of them all over social media. You don’t Instagram that stuff. Not because it’s not a free country, but because you are a celebrity and you live under a microscope.

I hear of celebrities whose managers read all their tweets, BB messages and texts. And now I know why. It’s so they don’t do dumb stuff like make themselves look like bad parents on social media. To be honest I am beginning to think that celebrities should not be allowed to have personal access to their own Twitter and Instagram accounts considering the arrant nonsense that they tend to post in fits of anger or a drunken stupor.

From Eva Alordiah and her ex-manager fooling themselves on Twitter, to Banky and Wizkid b#*chin about matters that should have been kept private (only to delete the messages later). Somebody call Don Jazzy to teach these cats how to handle a break up. And please please please, let us not forget the pictures that Banky W posted during his Christmas orgy party last year. Somebody please snatch these fools’ phones and iPads!!! They are not worthy!! Do any of these Nigerian artists have a team, just one PR person sef? Tomorrow these very same artists will open their mouths and complain about not having a private life. When you’re in the public eye you need to recognize that that is where you are and act like you have some sense.

-Ollachi Holman
Twitter: @enzetweets


Ollachi Holman

AML intern Ollachi Holman aka “Enzé is a recording artist commonly affiliated with Syndik8 Records. She has been featured on tracks with the likes of Lynxxx, 2Shotz and MI, and has had a few cameos in clubs and albums. A recent law school graduate from the University of Houston Law School, she is pursuing a career in Entertainment Law. Look for her posts on on Mondays and Wednesdays in the AML categories of "Music Law" and "Celebrities Behaving Badly", now until May 2013. Please give her your feedback and let her know how she is doing, what you like and don't like. Thanks!

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