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Wiz Khalifa SUES Concert Promoter for $1 Million Over Cancelled Concert, Claims Damaged Reputation? Really?

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Wiz Khalifa Breach of Contract 1 Million CaseThis case is rather straight forward in that it is a simple breach of contract claim. The challenge for the Plaintiff Wiz Khalifa, I believe, has to be the claim that his reputation is damaged.  We have talked about breach of contract claims numerous times. In the music industry, one of the places where a lot of litigation around breach of contract occurs is the concert promotion business. Many things are just not done right and it inevitably always creates the kind of lawsuits and bad blood you see here. By now, if you an avid AML reader who happens to be a concert promoter, you know you should have your signed live performance agreements in place to avoid or at a minimum minimize brouhahas of this nature.

In this lawsuit, Wiz Khalifa claims breach of contract over a concert he was scheduled to perform. The concert promoter in response says, “Look homie, we ain’t even signed any contract so what exactly are you going on about? You must be high off something.”

Is that enough? Oral agreements are just as valid as written agreements. However, where oral contracts are concerned, it just gets messier and nastier because it boils down to a “he said, she said” in the courtroom and both parties are at the mercy of the jury or judge i.e. you better pray the jury/judge finds you to be more of a credible witness.

I don’t see much coming out of this case. On the defense side, I’d venture to say I expect the lawyers to go hard on the pleadings (legal documents filed with the court) to get this case tossed out. On the Plaintiff end, if they believe there is something, they should also go hard i.e full court press to force the Defendant to, at a minimum, want to throw some numbers out there for a settlement. Khalifa  said he was damaged $80,000 plus. In reality, he ain’t getting anything close to that if the case settles. If he is lucky, he may get anywhere from $200-300,000, assuming the other side bargains like it is going out of business i.e. they think and act the following way: “oh heck nah, you ain’t finna get no $1million from us. So, let’s just keep this moving quickly, shall we?” The dollar amount really would depend on the assessment by both parties on the kind of case they have, the time they are willing to spend rather than making music and whether they would rather make the lawyers rich.

Okay folks, we are done with this case. Next one on the AML docket? It seems like I have a lot to go though with you all.


“Toker extraordinaire Wiz Khalifa believes a single concert is worth 666 pounds of pot … so he claims in a new lawsuit over a cancelled show.

Wiz filed the case against concert promoter It’s My Party, Inc., claiming the company booked the rapper to perform at George Mason University and pulled the plug at the last minute.

According to the suit … It’s My Party promised Wiz $85,000, plus a cut of the profits, but never paid. Now Wiz wants a cool million, claiming the cancellation seriously damaged his reputation — seriously.

It’s My Party has fired back, claiming Wiz is blowing smoke … ticket sales for the 7,000-seat arena tanked, plus the company never signed on the dotted line so it’s not obligated to pay anything.” – TMZ

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