Would Usher Open for Rita Ora? Why is D’Banj Opening for Jay-Z’s Rita Ora in London?

Over the weekend, the news that has hit the web is that Nigerian artist D’Banj opened, in London, for Roc Nation’s newest artist Rita Ora. Ora was so excited, she tweeted the following:

‘Dbanj is killing it!!!!! Guys I’m coming I can’t wait to see all your faces!!!!! #ORA‘.

I fail to understand why D’Banj who has a strong following in London and whose hit single ‘Oliver Twist’ has topped the UK charts for months now, is opening for a very new artist. Shouldn’t it be the reverse? (If we were in the US music markets, this, arguably, would make sense. In the UK, it is not making sense at all.)

Would Usher, for example, open for Rita Ora?

Is D’banj from a marketing and publicity standpoint forced to concede power? Will P-Square open for Rita Ora?

The one Rita Ora -‘How We Do’ hit single that is apparently so much of a big deal D’Banj opens for her?


Photo shared by D’Banj on his social media platform(s).

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  1. Ermmmm, Rita Ora is way bigger than D’banj in the UK..she has had 3 no 1 singles…it is the right way to garner more following from the white audience by been an opening act as his ‘huge’ following as you said are largely the africans.
    Read up more on Rita Ora

    1. Ermmmmmm Kanye West is way bigger than D’Banj. Is a global phenomenon in music. He is dating Kim K also and he has crowned D’Banj as the chosen one, D’Banj is on his soon to be released album, D’Banj has appeared in his videos and vice versa and is yet to attract ‘Ye’s fan. Read up more on Kanye West.

  2. Jabz says:

    I’m a little surprised at this article… I fail to see how D’banj even stands close to Rita Ora in terms of popularity, especially in the UK. As loved as he is within the African community, outside this crowd D’banj can only aspire to command the numbers Rita does. We’re talking about an artiste that’s signed to Jay-Z’s (Kanye’s confessed big brother) label, has 3 UK no. 1 songs, (one written by Drake), has supported Drake and Coldplay on their Club Paradise and Mylo Xyloto tours respectively, and has even had her time with the press (when they claimed she was feuding with Rihanna). There’s very little room for comparison really.

    1. I guess we can agree to disagree on this. I don’t see why an established act like D”Banj signed to Kanye’s GOOD Music label (Island Def Jam included given the relationship with GOOD and Def Jam), and who has managed to the top of the charts in the UK should open for an emerging artist. You would never see American artists selling their birthrights when they visit Africa to try to penetrate our market. An established American artist of D’Banj’s caliber would not be in Africa opening for an emerging artist. I don’t why we are okay saying African artists should be okay doing this. I guess it is the by “any means necessary” mentality many of us are used to. I don’t subscribe to or believe in that mentality.

  3. Victor says:

    Jeez! What ar u Saying? Rita Ora is the face of Uk pop at the moment. And she is not emerging,she has more than 3 number1 singles,her debut album that just dropped is num1 on Uk albums chart. She is a threat to rihanna maybe nt so true,but riri was beefing her cos jay z gav rita a song which was originally given to her. Dbanj is So big in Africa. U can say most popular and biggest African Act. Thanks to Oliver twist. Which peaked at num9 in uk,num2 on uk rnb charts,12 in scotland,61 in Germany,3 in Greece,and undoubtly doing wel in charts across Europe. But dbanj is more like an upcoming an promising act in Uk. I mean to the pure britains nd no Nigerians or Africans who already know him. Psquare cant Even open for rita Ora,becos the are relatively Unknown, No african has the Broken borders like D’banj n Oliver twist,but stil it is an Honor for dbanj to open for Rita Ora. It seems u dnt follow Uk music. Please dnt ask why dbanj opened for rita,it is an Honour for Him. Just so u know. Dbanj is Joining Labrinth on his Uk tour next month. Google labrinth if u dnt knw him,and look out for him in the charts,he is really big in Uk. So dnt ask why dbanj opened for Labrinth. It is good for his Pr an growing fanbase. Thanks!

  4. Real says:

    I would disagree with you(uduak). For a second, let’s forget about who is signed to what label now. The only question here is, who is more of an emerging artiste in the U.K? Dbanj or Rita? We all know the answer to that question. My 2cents. *curtains*

  5. sdm says:

    Honestly this is really not a matter to be questioned plainly cos I don’t see why dbanj can’t open the show for rita…… Dbanj is breaking barriers and is the only one that’s doin it succesfully so far as an African! Nigerians are yet to understand his vision but I believe with time they will when he fully breaks into the international market! And please qiut comparing the American music industry to the Nigerian there’s a very long Bridge that can be compared to the Quingdao haiwan Bridge!!! Always acknowledge the postive sides of a situation rather than pinpoint wat looks wrong!! Dbanj has thousand of followers she’s got millions on twitter! He’s got more to gain than loose! Chao

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